What Are the Hunting Benefits of a Nosler Ballistic Silvertip?


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The primary benefit of hunting with a Nosler Ballistic Silvertip is a reduction of barrel fouling. These bullets are coated in Lubalox, which is a thin black oxide coating that makes it possible for the user to increase the number of shots taken before having to clean the gun. These bullets leave the barrel of the gun free of residue, and they also allows the bullets to stay usable for longer, according to Nosler.com.

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The polymer silvertip of the Nosler ballistic silvertip prevents the chance of the deformation of the bullet inside the magazine, which prevents possible jams. The coating of the bullet provides the user with longer barrel life as well as easier cleaning. This coating also gives the user an improvement in accuracy over time, which can decrease the number of shots taken by the user.

This bullet comes with a fully tapered jacket and a special lead-alloy core. These allow the bullet to fully control its expansion within the barrel when firing at any level of velocity. This also prevents the bullet from deformation while firing, preventing possible injury to the user. The ballistic silvertip has a boat tail configuration, allowing for excellent long-range performance, while maintaining accuracy.

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