How do you hunt wild hogs for free?


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To hunt wild hogs for free, locate a landowner who is willing to let you hunt his land. Forging friendships or using family connections may be necessary to provide a basis in which a landowner is more likely to assume liability for you to hunt on his land. Alternatively, enter the drawing on HogHuntingHogs.com. It offers the chance to win a opportunity to hunt hogs for free at the Main Lodge Ranch in Waelder, Texas, as of 2015.

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Feral hogs are a nuisance to ranchers. They destroy farm land and disrupt the natural habitats of many native species. A common assumption is that farmers and landowners welcome hunters willing to wrangle the hogs' population back under control, but a landowner takes a risk by letting a hunter he doesn't know hunt on his property because he becomes the liable party in the instance of an accident.

Sometimes ranchers and farmers generate extra income by charging hunters to hunt feral hogs on their land. Many companies partake in long-term lease agreements with ranchers or buy a property's pig-hunting rights to limit the amount of hogs killed per season. This practice lets the company's hunting clients hunt older hogs, which are considered better hunting trophies.

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