What Are Humminbird Fishfinders?


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A Humminbird fishfinder is a device that boaters use to find fish while out at sea. Humminbird is a manufacturer of electronic fishing devices designed to help anglers find fish more easily and navigate their boats safely through unfamiliar waters.

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A fishfinder, which is sometimes referred to as a sounder outside of the United States, uses sonar to determine what is below a boat. They are usually mounted on the transom of a boat and send their findings to a display in the center console area where the boat's navigation controls are located.

Fishfinders can determine the depth of the water below the boat as well as what the bottom of the body of water looks likes. Additionally, they can locate fish and a range of other objects floating beneath the boat. A small symbol on the display may indicate one or a few fish, while large symbols can indicate entire schools of fish.

Humminbird products were first made in 1971 by Techsonic Electronics, a small company located in Eufaula, Alabama. It was then known as Fulton Electronics. Technological advances made by the company include the first waterproof depth sounder, fishfinders that use liquid crystal displays, three-dimensional sonar devices and wireless fish finders.

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