What Are Some Humane Ways to Catch Coyotes?


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Using traps with laminated or rubber jaws is a humane way to catch coyotes. Unlike traps with ragged jaws, these traps hold the animal's foot firmly without breaking the skin. Leg and paw traps with a central swivel attached to a reinforced base plate also allow the coyote to move and pull directly on the chain, reducing damage to the animal's trapped foot.

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Coyote cages are also considered more humane than traps, but may require planning. Coyotes are naturally suspicious animals and are wary of covered spaces. Because these animals usually look into holes when scavenging for food, burying and camouflaging the cage in the earth may help dispel their suspicions. Coyotes should be taken out of the trap or cage and sent to the Humane Society or animal division for relocation.

The Humane Society discourages trapping coyotes because many traps and snares available in outdoors outlets can damage the animal's foot, paw or neck and inflict pain, suffering and sometimes death. Some traps may also accidentally harm other animals, pets and humans, especially if the traps are not installed properly.

Instead of catching coyotes, the organization recommends deterring the animals through methods of hazing or the use of noise, safe projectiles and other humane deterrents in order to discourage the animal from going back to a certain area. Removing the coyotes' food source by creating a secure pen for livestock and by proper disposal of garbage can also reduce the coyote population in the long run.

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