How Do You Host a City Bowling Tournament?

How Do You Host a City Bowling Tournament?

To host a city tournament in line with the parameters set out by the U.S. Bowling Congress, or USBC, set up a three-day event within a facility that meets center specifications. Likewise, ensure the tournament receives adequate media exposure.

A city bowling tournament typically takes place over three days. The first day is set aside so bowlers can qualify for the tournament itself. The first round of matches take place on the second day of the tournament. The final rounds and award presentation take place on the third day. Usually bowling tournaments are held over a weekend.

The bowling alley has to meet minimum qualifications to be considered for a city tournament. According to the USBC, the center should feature at least 24 lanes. It should also have automatic scoring set up so that it interfaces with real-time online scoring.

If tournament organizers want their event to be recognized by the USBC, they need to join the organization. Likewise, the bowling alley needs to be a member in good standing with the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America. The alley also has to be certified by the USBC.

Tournament organizers should promote the event on the Internet and at the bowling alley itself. If the USBC recognizes the tournament, it provides further promotion in the form of exposure in national bowling publications and media outlets.