What Is a Home Cure for Leg Cramps?


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Most leg cramps can easily be treated at home by stretching and massaging the leg that hurts. Ice and heat are also recommended for cramps in the legs. Massaging the leg while applying ice is a common home remedy for cramps.

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If there is a cramp in the calf, put full weight on the leg that hurts and slightly bend the knee. If standing doesn't work, sitting on a chair or the floor with the leg extended may help. In this position, pulling the top of the foot towards the head helps to stretch the muscle in the calf. This same stretch also helps to ease the pain associated with a cramp in the hamstring. If there is a cramp in the front of the thighs or quadriceps, a chair should be used to steady the body, then the foot can be pulled towards the buttocks.

To apply heat to a cramped leg, a heating pad or warm towel is recommended. A hot bath or steamy shower is also a way to apply heat to the cramped muscles. At the same time, using ice to relieve pain also works in some cases. Taking vitamin B supplements has shown promise for treating leg cramps.

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