How Do You Find the Hole in an Air Mattress?

How Do You Find the Hole in an Air Mattress?

How Do You Find the Hole in an Air Mattress?

To find a leak in an air mattress, inflate the mattress, inspect the valve, use your lips to find the leak, listen for escaping air, and look out for imperfections. Using water to find air leaks on a mattress can lead to mold.

  1. Inflate the mattress

    Ensure maximum inflation by letting the air pump run for a little longer than usual. Over-inflating your mattress slightly makes it easier to find smaller leaks.

  2. Inspect the valve

    Check the air valve to ensure that it is properly attached to the mattress. Most air leaks occur at the valve. Check that the twist cap is not cross-threaded and that it is properly secured.

  3. Use your lips to find the leak

    Lick your lips to wet them, and get as close as possible to the air mattress. Move your lips back and forth starting at the bottom of the mattress and making your way up. Lips are sensitive to cold air, making them effective for finding air leaks.

  4. Listen for escaping air

    With your face still close to the mattress, listen for escaping air. You should be able to locate larger punctures.

  5. Look out for imperfections

    Keep a close eye on the mattress for small imperfections on the mattress. A small speck could indicate a puncture hole.