Who Holds the NCAA Record for Most Made Free Throws?

holds-ncaa-record-made-throws Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Tyler Hansbrough holds the NCAA record for most made free throws, sinking 982 free throws over the course of collegiate basketball career. Hansbrough, who was a student-athlete for the North Carolina Tar Heels from 2005 through 2009, broke the previous record of 905 free throws set by Wake Forest's Dickie Hemric in 1955.

There are a few different ways of interpreting who holds the NCAA record for most free throw success: the record for overall number of free throw points, the record for highest free throw scoring percentage and the record for the most consecutive free throw points. In addition to the all-time records, each individual season of college basketball will have its own free throw records, some of which are impressive enough to make it onto all-time lists.