How Do You Hold a Hockey Stick?


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Players hold a hockey stick with two hands, with the top hand providing the control. As such, hockey coaches generally recommend placing the dominant hand at the top.

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Players who hold a hockey stick with the right hand on top and the left hand down the shaft are left-handed shooters. Conversely, players who hold the stick with the left hand at the top and the right down the shaft are right-handed shooters. The hand at the top of the stick controls all the stick-handling movements. The top hand also never leaves the stick. As such, the top hand should be the dominant hand.

Hockey sticks are manufactured for left-hand shots and right-hand shots. The curve of the blade determines whether the stick is a "righty" or a "lefty." The curve of the blade should hold the puck. As such, the blade should curve away from the body.

Some hockey player prefer to place their dominant hand down the shaft. In fact, according to a New York Times survey of main stick manufacturers, more right-hand sticks are sold in the United States despite the fact that Americans are predominantly right-handed in daily skills. Stick manufacturers report that more left-handed sticks are sold in Canada. Generally, coaches recommend picking up a stick and seeing which method of holding it feels more natural.

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