How Do You Hit a Volleyball?

To hit a volleyball, make sure your hands and legs are in the appropriate position before bumping the ball with your arms. There are five types of hits in volleyball: the bump, set, serve, spike and dig.

  1. Get into the appropriate position

    Stagger your feet so that your dominant leg is slightly in front of your other leg; your feet should be a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees so that you can move into a position to hit the ball.

  2. Place your hands in the right position

    Make a fist with your left hand, putting your thumb flat on top. Wrap your right hand around that fist so that both thumbs are lying flat next to each other on top, and do not interlock your fingers. Your arms need to be together and stretched out in front of your body, similar to an elephant's trunk.

  3. Bump the ball

    Now let the volleyball make contact with the inside of your forearms, and under control, pump your arms vertically to send the ball to your target. Do not swing your arms violently, or your pass will be inaccurate. A slight shrug of the shoulders while making contact with your forearms guides your pass.