How Do You Hit a Slow-Pitch Softball?


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To hit a slow pitch softball, stand near the catcher but a few feet from the plate to develop a strong stance. As the pitcher begins to throw the ball, step the right foot forward and rotate the hips toward the pitcher and swing the bat directly at waist level as the ball crosses home plate. A batter's hands should loosely grip the bat while swinging toward a slow pitch.

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When swinging the bat toward a slow pitch, the batter should aim the bat toward the middle of the ball as it approaches home plate. The swing should begin with the batter's chin on the front shoulder, closest to the pitcher, and end with the chin on the back shoulder, so the batter can keep eyes on the ball and shift the body, including the head during the duration of the swing. Timing is a crucial element when trying to hit a slow pitch, so players may want to participate in hitting drills prior to a game. For example, practice swinging a ball from a rope to improve hand and eye coordination or ask pitchers to pitch the ball at different angles to help the batter improve the stance and swing.

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