How Do You Hit a Fairway Wood While Golfing?


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To use a fairway wood, consider the relevant distance from the hole, establish a position from the golf ball and then strike the target with the desired force. With the number of fairway woods available on the market, the approach for each specific club varies slightly.

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  1. Consider the relevant distance from the hole

    The remaining distance from the hole dictates which fairway wood to use. The lower the club number, the greater the distance generated. For instance, the three-wood has less loft and strikes at a greater distance compared to the five-wood. Approximate the distance from the hole, and also consider any course obstacles, such as water or bunkers.

  2. Establish a position from the golf ball

    Fairway woods should strike the ball on a golfer's upswing. Therefore, it is important to maintain a comfortable distance away from the ball. You should not have to lean over to reach the ball with the golf club. In addition, the ball should be 2 to 3 inches from the inside of the lead foot. A wide stance is also recommended to help retain stability.

  3. Strike the target with the desired force

    The swing of the wood club should be straight, with the base of the club grazing the grass on both the backswing and upswing. Choking up an inch on the club assists with control. On the down swing, rotate your hips to generate power. After contact with the ball, follow through with the swing.

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