What Is the History of the Stevens Shotgun?


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Stevens shotguns were produced by the Stevens Arms Company and became popular in the early 1900s. Joshua Stevens, who owned the patents on these firearms, made improvements on existing weapons and shotguns. Until 1901, Stevens Arms Company made most of its money from the sale of tools for machinery. The manufacturer rapidly expanded when its firearms sales skyrocketed.

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Stevens shotguns, or their parts, were used by various military outfits from the inception of the company. Most U.S. military firearms manufactured by Stevens before 1920 were prototypes. During World War I, the company made bolt-action rifles for the Russian government.

Savage Arms, owned by Arthur Savage, acquired Stevens in 1920, and the manufacturer became the largest gunmaker at the time of the merger. All Stevens' guns and patents were named Savage at this point, but the Stevens shotgun is still made by Savage Arms as of July 2014.

Perhaps the most recognizable Stevens shotgun models still in use are the model 320 shotgun and 30G rifle. The 320 model, made in 2012, features a chamber big enough for five shells and weighs 7 pounds. The model also features a larger grip for easier trigger pulling. The 30G rifle was labeled "Stevens favorite" by Savage Arms to continue the tradition of the brand.

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