What Are Some Highly Rated RC Airplanes?

What Are Some Highly Rated RC Airplanes?

HobbyZone Delta Ray, HobbyZone Super Cub S, ParkZone Archer, HobbyZone Champ and HobbyZone Duet are some highly rated remote control airplanes as of 2015, according to Top 10 Reviews and Dronebly. Trainers, park flyers, sailplane, electric-powered and glow plug engine are some of the many types of RC airplanes.

ParkZone Ultra-Micro P-51D, UMX F4U Corsair, Flyzone P-38, Cox Sky Cruiser and ParkZone Night Vapor are some other highly rated RC airplanes.

HobbyZone Delta Ray is one of the top-rated RC airplanes. A panic button that's integrated into the system prevents crashes by automatically steadying the plane. The plane also has three performance modes and is ideal for beginners and intermediate flyers. One disadvantage of this airplane is its poor flight time of eight minutes for every battery charge.

HobbyZone Super Cub S uses top anti-crash technology. Its disadvantage lies in its speed, which is moderate compared to other RC airplanes. This is an ideal RC airplane for pilots of all levels and offers an excellent flying experience.

ParkZone Archer is among the fastest and most agile RC airplanes, although it does not have any anti-crash technology built into the system. It's a good choice for intermediate pilots.

HobbyZone Champ’s biggest advantage is its per charge flight time of 15 minutes. This plane is ideal for beginners as it combines simplicity and performance.