What Are Some Highly-Rated Power Ice Augers According to Experts?


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Some highly rated power ice augers include the Eskimo auger line, Jiffy augers and Nils Master augers, according to In-Fisherman.com. StrikeMaster augers are also highly rated power ice augers.

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Eskimo power ice augers are highly rated for speed, power and durability. These augers have a Shark 71cc engine, and the 10-inch version is the most powerful auger in the industry as of 2015. The Shark Z51 version is a top seller.

Jiffy augers are also quite popular and known for being durable and dependable. The Pro 4 is one option from Jiffy; it is a 4-stroke auger with a 1-pound canister that runs on propane. There is also a 4G version which runs on gas.

Nils Master power augers have a Tanaka engine and a blade with extra long ramping. These augers easily convert to hand drills and have three assembly options. Each auger in the Nils Master lineup also comes with a custom carrying bag.

StrikeMaster Solo has several options as well. These augers have a reputation for being fast, powerful and dependable. One option is the Strike-Lite II, which has 8-inch Lazer blades. This auger is only 23 pounds, operates quietly and features blades that prevent the cutting edge from becoming too icy.

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