What Are Some Highly Rated Kayak Launching Systems?


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Kayak launching systems such as the Golden Boat Lift from Golden Manufacturing, the EZ Launch from EZ Docks and several products offered by The Dock Doctors garnered positive customer reviews, per the testimonials included on the websites for each company. These products are variously lauded for features including easy installation, easy use, reasonable pricing and low-cost maintenance.

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The Golden Boat Lift offered by Golden Manufacturing consists of a manual winch system that raises and lowers a width-adjustable platform. Safety grab rails and aluminum tube construction, mounted onto an existing dock or seawall, allow the user to enter a kayak or canoe on a stable surface and then lower it into the water.

In contrast to the vertical boat lift, the EZ Launch sold by EZ Docks is a horizontal kayak launching system. It consists of a series of descending rollers and rails. A kayak user safely enters the craft at the top of the ramp, then pulls the boat along the rollers by the rails until it floats free in the water. It is a modular system designed to integrate with the EZ Dock system also sold by the company.

The Dock Doctors offer one vertical boat lift system as well as two horizontal ramp systems. The former consists, similar to the Golden Boat Lift, of winch and platform mechanisms to lift or lower a kayak. One of the rolling ramp systems is designed to integrate into an existing floating dock, while the other is a free-standing model.

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