What Are Some Highlights From the Oswego Fishing Report?

What Are Some Highlights From the Oswego Fishing Report?

Water conditions, state and local regulations, and safety requirements are some of the topics discussed in the Oswego County fishing report. It also discusses the most plentiful fish species in various areas.

Fishing reports are presented by the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning on its website. Information in the report is compiled through observations by owners or employees of bait-and-tackle shops and fishing-related websites and businesses. Reports are posted every three to four days.

Oswego County's fishing reports in mid-November 2015 highlights the availability of steelhead, rainbows and browns in the Oswego River and perch and walleye are available in Oneida Lake. Anglers who fish the bottom of the Salmon River are recommended to use blue, pink and chartreuse egg sacs, steelhead beads or pink worms as bait.

Anglers are reminded of state boating regulations such as a life-jacket requirement. All passengers aboard a pleasure vessel less than 21 feet in length are required to wear a personal floatation device between November 1 and May 1.

Another regulation is that anglers are restricted to keeping a combination of three trout and salmon; no more than one being a rainbow trout or steelhead salmon. The minimum length for rainbows and steelheads is 21 inches and 15 inches for brown trout.