What Was the Highest Scoring Game in NFL History?

The Washington Redskins defeated the New York Giants 72-41 on November 27, 1966, in the highest scoring game in National Football League history. The two teams combined for 16 touchdowns, including nine that were 30 yards or longer in length.

The Redskins dominated the game right from the start, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter to take a 13-0 lead. The Redskins led the Giants 34-14 at halftime and 48-28 after three quarters.

Other high scoring games in NFL history include the Oakland Raiders defeating the Houston Oilers 52-49 in 1963, the Seattle Seahawks defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 51-48 in 1983, the Denver Broncos defeating the Dallas Cowboys 51-48 in 2013 and the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the San Diego Chargers 54-44 in 1985.