How Do You Find a High School's Football Records?


U.S. state high school football records are available online in the record book of the National Federation of State High School Associations and state football record books. Football records at the national level include records set by individuals and teams for offense and defense as well as coaching performances.

The NFHS record book recognizes several forms of football played in the United States and documents records for six-player, eight-player, nine-player and 11-player football. Of these, 11-player football is the most played, and it consequently holds the most documented records. This record book documents the performance statistics of individual players and teams such as passing yards, number of touchdowns, kicks returned, and field goals scored.

Some state high school sports organizations such as the Michigan High School Athletic Association also maintain detailed records of championship games including data for rushing yards, passes attempted and completed as well as the number of times a team has appeared in a final and consecutive championships. The Colorado High School Activities Association maintains football records since the inception of high school football in the state.

Other sources of high school football records are record books maintained by local newspapers such as The Des Moines Register in Iowa and private sports magazines such as Dan Campbell's Texas Football.