How Do You Find a Hi-Point Dealer?


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Find a Hi-Point dealer using the Dealer Locator tool on Hi-PointFirearms.com. The tool enables the user to view a list of all Hi-Point dealers in any state by clicking on that state on the provided U.S. map. Alternatively, the user can search for Hi-Point dealers in any neighborhood by specifying the search radius, from 10 miles to 100 miles, after filtering the search by City, State or ZIP code.

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To find a Hi-Point dealer, start by searching for Hi-Point firearms on any search engine. Access the company’s website by clicking on the Hi-PointFirearms.com link in the provided search results. Access the site and then click on the Find a Dealer tab on the homepage. Search for Hi-Point dealers by state, city or ZIP code using the Dealer Locator tool.

Alternatively, click on the Accessories tab on the homepage to find a link for placing a Hi-Point accessory order online. The Contact tab provides a list of phone numbers and addresses that can be used for customer service-related enquiries and for additional information on Hi-Point dealers and distributors.

Hi-Point is the brand name used to market model guns made by the Ohio-based firearms manufacturer, Beemiller Inc, along with the company's distributor, MKS Supply. Because of varying state laws and inventory levels, the company advises its clients to contact local dealers to learn about local gun laws or the availability of a specific Hi-Point item.

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