Who Are Some of the Heaviest Sumo Wrestlers?

Manny Yarbrough, whose weight peaked at over 800 pounds, is not only the heaviest sumo wrestler in history, but also the world's heaviest athlete. The heaviest Japanese-born sumo wrestler is Yamamotoyama Ryuichi. His weight of 584 pounds also made him the heaviest man in Japanese history.

Other sumo wrestlers who are notable for their weight include Konishiki Yasokichi, who held the record for heaviest sumo wrestler of all time with a peak weight of just over 600 pounds when he retired from wrestling in 1997.

Many sumo wrestlers who achieve notoriety for their skill and weight became celebrities in other areas after retirement. For example, Konishiki Yasokichi became a hip-hop artist and children's television host following his retirement. He also made efforts to lose much of the weight that had made him famous in order to reach a healthier weight.

Over time, sumo wrestlers have become increasingly heavy. In 1953, the average sumo wrestler weighed 317 pounds. By 2005, the average sumo wrestler's weight had increased nearly 100 pounds, to 412 pounds, prompting the Japan Sumo Association to increase the monitoring of sumo wrestlers' weights and encourage those whose weight became excessive to adjust their diets. In order to maintain a weight exceeding 400 pounds, sumo wrestlers consume more than 5,000 calories per day.