What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Volleyball?

What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Volleyball?

The health benefits of playing volleyball include a reduced risk of heart disease, a reduce risk of diabetes, weight control and healthy muscles. Volleyball also has psychological benefits.

Volleyball is a moderate form of exercise. It has the same benefits as many other kinds of moderate exercise and can contribute to a healthy body. One of the major benefits of exercise such as volleyball is weight control. Playing volleyball for 45 minutes burns approximately 150 calories, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Physical activity also promotes lean muscle mass and reduces fat, which helps people control their weight.

Volleyball can help prevent chronic illness and health conditions. People who exercise have lower blood pressure, which helps prevent a number of physical conditions. It also helps prevent diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease and premature death.

In addition, volleyball helps build up healthy muscles and joints. It can also promote bone health, as exercise helps build bone strength and density. Volleyball can help prevent bone loss and serious conditions that affect the bones such as osteoporosis.

Playing volleyball is also helpful for maintaining mental health, as regular exercise promotes a sense of well-being. It can provide relief for people who suffer from depression or anxiety, as exercise helps reduce the symptoms of these conditions.