What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Ice Hockey?

The health benefits of playing hockey include increased cardiovascular fitness and strength, decreased stress and better sleep, according to USA Hockey. Playing hockey is also fun, allows a person to expand her social circle, and improves communication and teamwork skills.

The physical activity of hockey helps players lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, according to USA Hockey. As muscle strength increases, so does bone strength, according to Mile High Hockey. Improved fitness also decreases the risk of injury during other activities. It also has the benefit of decreasing unhealthy cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol levels in the body, according to USA Hockey.

Playing hockey also has mental benefits. It helps to relieve stress by releasing brain chemicals that improve happiness and relaxation, according to USA Hockey. The physical activity also gives players deeper sleep. Players develop increased concentration and the ability to make quick decisions, according to Mile High Hockey. They learn good sportsmanship and learn how to deal with both winning and losing in a positive way.

Working as an active member of a team helps players learn to communicate and deal with social situations at school and in the workplace, according to My Healthy OC. It builds confidence and teaches players to pursue and achieve goals.