What Is a Hare & Hound Race?


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A hare and hound race is a type of off-road motorcycle race that can be conducted by riders on dirt bikes or other kinds of off-road motorcycles. These races take place on marked outdoor courses that are designed to provide riders challenges in the form of naturally difficult and rugged terrain, with race organizers generally eschewing the use of artificial obstacles. Riders are often challenged with terrain they've never seen before, as practice runs of the race course are typically not allowed, meaning that mental acuity is as important a component in these races as riding skill.

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What Is a Hare & Hound Race?
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At the National Hare and Hound Championship in the United States, there is a strict set of rules and regulations that governs how races take place. The course is typically around 100 miles in length, which necessitates the inclusion of fueling stops to allow riders to put more gas in their bikes. There are also about 30 different race classes, ranging from one class for professional racers to multiple classes for older races, including a 40 plus and a 60 plus class. Youth racers are also able to participate, and there are a few separate classes for female riders as well.

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