What Happens to the Basketball Courts After the NCAA Tournament?

happens-basketball-courts-after-ncaa-tournament Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The basketball court floors from NCAA basketball championship games may be destined for different fates depending on which stage the game takes place during the tournament. Floors from earlier rounds are typically put into storage after the game ends and reused the following year, while Final Four floors are either sold or disposed of so a new floor can be made each year.

The floors from both the men's and the women's Final Four games are typically sold, which helps generate capital to design and build a new floor for the next year's tournament. As of 2012, Connor Sports Flooring was the official flooring provider for the NCAA tournament; this company is responsible not only for making the floors but also for selling the floors, which typically fetch prices of almost $100,000. In some cases, the schools that win the games end up buying the floors, but the floors from lower-profile games, such as regional championships, are usually simply sold to the highest bidder. The NCAA hasn't always used this system, but this was the standard procedure as of the early 2010s.