How Do You Do Gymnastics for Kids?


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If your child is interested in gymnastics, there are some exercises you can do at home together. It is important to progress slowly through these exercises and gymnastics training in general, as progressing too fast stresses the skeletal system too much and can lead to serious injury.

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Through slowly progressing through gymnastic training, the muscular system can adapt to the stress of the training and protect the child's growing skeletal system. To begin training at home, first designate an appropriate area to practice. This area should have carpeting to cushion against accidents, but gym mats or couch cushions can be laid over hard flooring. A common first drill is to practice tumbles, such as cartwheels, within a 12-inch by 10-feet long space. Mark this with tape, and gradually narrow this width until the child can tumble within a 6-inch by 10-feet space.

To build up strength in the arms, shoulders and wrists, set two chairs shoulder width apart, and let your child lift him or herself off the floor. Begin with only raising about an inch from the floor, but let this distance increase over time. Hold on to the chairs to prevent them from sliding and causing an injury. Another arm and shoulder building exercise is to practice handstands with your child. Have the child practice pressing from a headstand into a handstand, and stand about an arm's length away from them to prevent a fall. Again, always err on the side of caution and do not push your child too quickly.

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