How Do You Gut a Whitetail Deer?


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To field dress a whitetail deer, make a shallow cut slightly above the anus to the base of the rib cage, and use a saw to cut through the breastbone. Cut around the anus, tie the anus off with string, and cut the windpipe into two sections. Pull the windpipe downward to remove it and the small intestine. Cut the diaphragm away from the rib cage, and place the deer on its side. Pull the entrails to remove them.

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Do not remove the genitalia if it is prohibited by state regulations. Otherwise, remove male genitalia before making the first cut. When mounting the head, avoid making any cuts above the top legs to preserve the head. Otherwise, cut through the sternum to remove the heart, esophagus and lungs.

Remove as much of the windpipe as possible to preserve the flavor of the meat. After removing the diaphragm, use pruning shears to cut through the pelvic bone to remove the large intestine and bladder. Avoid spilling or cutting through the stomach, large intestine or bladder, as this also affects the quality of the meat.

After removing the organs, turn the deer over to drain it. Place ice in the cavity to preserve the meat for processing, or prop the cavity open with sticks.

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