What Is a Grudge Racer?

A grudge racer is a modern-day drag racer. Grudge racing combines three main elements: trash-talk, stipulations (or ground rules), and street racing. The only rules are the ones the grudge racers establish right before the race.

Grudge racing begins with a confrontation between drivers. Words are exchanged, sometimes in a not-so-friendly tone. This verbal bantering is more for the benefit of the crowd than for the racers. Hype is the fuel that gets the grudge race started.

The next element of a grudge race is the establishment of the ground rules. Grudge racers lay down stipulations before each race to make it fair. Referred to as "stips," these rules of the race can range from tire size to cylinder heads. Anything goes in grudge racing, so if both drivers agree to the stips, the race can begin.

The final element of grudge racing involves the race itself, which is broken down into two basic factors: the grudge racer and the machine. Grudge fans score the race by combining the performance in each of these two categories. A superior driver wins the hearts of the fans and contributes to the victory by outracing an opponent, but a finely tuned car gets the crowd involved when it flexes its horsepower and speed.