What Groups Are There for People Who Love Professional Street Cars?

Discuss professional street cars at PerformanceForums.com, TrueStreetCars.com and SuperStreetOnline.com. These three active forums allow people to discuss professional street cars, find out information about upcoming events, and also trade cars and parts. Search on Facebook for street car groups to find street car fans in a specific location.

PerformanceForums.com is a car forum where users discuss street cars and motoring in general. Street car fans are able to share and talk about their favorite cars with others, and also chat about technical issues. PerformanceForums.com has more than 22,000 members, as of 2015.

At TrueStreetCars.com, users are able to talk about vehicles, as well as post photos and videos of cars. The site concentrates on general street cars, along with those used for racing. The Events & Meets section documents recent and past events, and gives users the opportunity to meet up and discuss street cars. As of 2015, the site has more than 5,500 registered users.

SuperStreetOnline.com has car discussion forums, with a large focus on European motors. Users talk about new and old cars, concentrating on general car matters and technical issues. The site also has a Car Shows and Events section and a Classifieds forum for members to advertise street car parts.