What Are Some Facts About the Grand Slam of Curling?


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The first Grand Slam of Curling was first held in 2001 and involved only male curlers; the Grand Slam incorporated female curlers during the 2006 season. Though the Grand Slam of Curling involves the best curlers from around the world, all of its events take place in Canada.

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The Grand Slam of Curling is not a single event, but a series of curling tournaments, known as bonspiels within the sport. The Grand Slam is itself part of a larger curling tournament, the World Curling Tour. Unlike curling events at most bonspiels, Grand Slam matches are played to only eight ends instead of the usual 10.

Held for the first time in 2001, the Grand Slam of Curling has a shorter history than many of its constituent bonspiels. The oldest of the Grand Slam of Curling's bonspiels is the Players' Championship, which held its first event in Calgary, Alberta in 1993.

The number of teams invited to a Grand Slam of Curling event varies between the individual bonspiels. The largest of these is the Tour Challenge, which invites 30 male and 30 female curling teams. The Elite 10 is the smallest event, with 10 invitations going out to male and female curling teams. Event organizers issue invitations primarily using the World Curling Tour's Order of Merit ranking system, while a few bonspiels reserve one or two slots for teams with specific sponsors.

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