What Are Some Good Weekend Activities to Do With Your Kids?

Some weekend activities for kids include taking turns teaching sports moves, acting out animals, playing freeze frame, playing a live version of the alphabet and playing balloon pop. These games are active and can be played indoors and outdoors.

Take turns demonstrating moves from various sports. For example, have the child demonstrate a soccer move learned that week, then have the parent demonstrate a yoga move. To have fun acting out animals, drop animal names in a hat. When an animal is chosen, act out that animal's movements.

To play freeze frame, gather stuffed animals and begin dancing. When the music stops, dancers must freeze. If a dancer moves after the music has stopped, she must pick up one of the stuffed animals. This continues until all of the animals have been picked up. At that point, if a player moves after the music stops, she takes an animal from another player. This game continues until one person has all of the animals.

To create a live alphabet, show kids how to make letters from the alphabet with their bodies. Kids can then work as teams to write their names or short words. Letters can be formed while standing up or while lying down.

In the balloon pop game, the objective is to pop other players' balloons. Attach blown up balloons to each child's right leg with a 3-foot piece of string. Children then pop each others' balloons by stomping on them. When a balloon is popped, the player is out of the game.