What Are Good Times During the Day for Fishing?


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Good times during the day for fishing are dependent on the particular season. With the first signs of spring in the early morning, fish are not biting because the water temperature is still cold.

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Experts advise waiting a week or so after the thaw, as it takes time for the water to warm. As the weather warms and the sun’s rays begin to penetrate the water's surface, the fish bite intermittently. During afternoons and early evenings, when the sun is directly overhead, the fish eat more.

In the summer, the best times for fishing are from sunrise to just before mid-morning. Because this is also a time of abundant food and cover, finding hungry fish may be more challenging. During the height of summer afternoons, fish retreat to deeper water to cool off, and fishing is poor. From early sundown until dark, fish leave the deeper water.

The best times for fall fishing are afternoon and early evening. Because fish must put on weight for the winter, they become more active. The sun is directly overhead for a good part of the afternoon, enabling the fish to feel more comfortable at the surface of the water.

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