When Are Some Good Times to Go Deer Hunting?


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The best times to hunt deer are typically during dusk and dawn, as that is when deer are most active. Bad weather conditions, such as rain, wind and storms, can cause deer to become more active during the daylight.

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When Are Some Good Times to Go Deer Hunting?
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Deer become more cautious when people are in the area. If many hunters use the land, a person can hunt in the middle of the week to avoid the crowd and have more opportunities at a deer. However, he can also use the crowd to his advantage by watching for deer movement caused by other hunters making noise.

When there isn't any inclement weather, deer often sleep during the day and only come out to eat when it's dark, which makes it difficult for hunters to see them. If the weather is bad during the night, deer get nervous and don't eat as much. They compensate for this by eating during the day, when hunters can see them. Bad weather during the day also helps hunters, as deer may start looking for food before it gets dark. However, certain conditions, such as heavy snow or significant rain, cause deer to go into hiding.

Deer movement is influenced by moon phases. Morning movement tends to last longest during the new moon, while midday movement typically lasts longest during the full moon.

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