What Are Some Good Tactics for Hunting Moose?


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Some good tactics for hunting moose include staying in the same spot for several days in a row, using calls to attract the moose, hunting everyday rain or shine, and staying downwind from the moose's habitat. Evening and morning during the rutting-season, roughly early October, are the best times to hunt moose, and patience is necessary to show up everyday until a moose is sighted.

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Selecting a good location is important for successful moose hunting. Swampy drainage areas or wetlands near a body of water are ideal. A great spot has signs of moose, such as moose tracks, droppings or moose bedding areas. The hunter needs a sheltered area to stand up above and downwind from the habitat area to watch for the moose. Ideally a hunter finds several different areas to observe the habitat, allowing him to move around as the wind changes.

The easiest moose call is brush thrashing. This involves breaking branches and thrashing at the brush to make sounds like a moose cow. Mechanical moose calls mimic the sounds of a bull, cow or calf, but it is also possible to learn how to make similar sounds with the human voice. A cow call works well for attracting bulls during rutting season. Bull moose have excellent hearing and take up to two hours to reach the location of the call, so patience is necessary.

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