What Are Some Good Softball Team Names?


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The Sons of Pitches is the most popular softball team name appearing on TeamNames.net. It is the only name visitors to the site rate with five stars. Other popular names earning 3.5 stars are Scared Hitless, Blue Balls of Destiny and Ball Busters.

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Team names with three stars on the site are Screw Balls, Got the Runs, Fireballs, The FlyBallers and The Jolly Swingers. Ranker lists its five Funniest Team Names for Softball: Bat Attitude, Baseic Pitches, The Big Gloves, Beerview Mirror and The Softies. Other interesting names include Ball Hogs, Pancake Batters, Hit Men and Bunt Cakes.

Site administrators for TeamNames.net suggest the names that appear on the site, and site members vote on them. The website offers suggestions for use by teams looking for a name to make them stand out among others. Innovative names are most memorable, and administrators encourage funny and creative names. The site also hosts a Random Team Name Generator and highlights a team name of the week.

Ideas and tips for choosing a name include that teams consider using favorite colors, animals or the team's location in the name. A popular band name, a famous professional sports team, or an athlete's name or numbers can inspire a creative name. It is best to avoid names that are potentially offensive to some or are too risque.

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