What Are Some Good Scales for Reloading?


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Some good reloading scales are the Frankford Arsenal DS-750, the RCBS Rangemaster 750 and the Hornady Electronic Scale. These are good reloading scales because of the speed they lend in the weighing aspect of reloading.

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The reloading process requires reloading tools to ensure that a high-quality bullet is produced. A reloading scale can measure bullet weight as well as primer and gunpowder weight. It also allows cases to be sorted by weight, and it can be used to verify case volume by water capacity. The two different types of reloading scales available on the market today are the traditional balanced beam scale and the digital scale.

The Frankford Arsenal DS-750 provides high-precision accuracy for the measurement of bullets, powder, cases or loaded rounds. It can measure in grams, grains, ounces and carats and has a 50-gram or 750-grain capacity. With simple controls and a large high-contrast backlit display, the DS-750 is also well-protected with a clear plastic cover. The RCBS Rangemaster 750 provides scale functionality, dependability and durability. It has a capacity of up to 750-grains, is easy-to-use, has a large digital display and comes in a compact form.

The Hornady Electronic Scale weighs with 1/10 accuracy and has a 1500-grain capacity. It is a highly sensitive instrument, which also makes it highly precise.

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