What Are Some Good Saltwater Fishing Lures?


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Bucktail jigs, spoons and soft plastic baits are some good saltwater fishing lures. Many different companies manufacture the lures under many different brands, but these lures are successful for most species of saltwater fish in ocean waters anywhere in the world.

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The bucktail jig is one of the best and most versatile saltwater lures ever produced. Fishermen can use it in shallow or deep water, during the day or night and for virtually any type of fish. The lure is rugged and durable and lasts a very long time. It is such a good saltwater lure that every survival kit the U.S. Navy supplies to sailors includes a white 1-ounce bucktail jig. Tipping the hook with a variety of items, including shiny streamers, soft plastic lures or live bait, enhances the lure's effectiveness.

Spoons are also good for use in shallow or deep sea waters. A spoon is a forged piece of metal a few inches long, making it highly durable, and it is typically available in silver or gold colors. The lures come in smooth or stamped models with dimples for fishing straight up and down or retrieving in a swimming motion.

Soft plastic baits are available in many different colors and molded to mimic natural prey, such as small fish, shrimp and other crustaceans. The lures are highly effective,but the soft construction material, which can induce fish to take the lure, also easily sustains damaged from the fish's teeth.

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