What Are Some Good Questions When Interviewing a Basketball Coach?

Good questions to ask a prospective basketball coach during the interview should focus on tactical questions, or questions about intangible factors and the coach's assessment of his own weaknesses. These same questions can be useful for existing coaches seeking to improve the performance of their teams.

One straightforward question is to ask the coach how he intends for his team to get more shots than the other team. More specific variations of this include asking how he plans for the team to get more rebounds or perform fewer turnovers. Similarly, interviewers should ask how he will lower the other team's shooting percentage and improve his own team's. The final tactical question is how his team will get to the foul line more than the opponent's team.

More intangible questions for the coach include how he plans to teach important life lessons to his players and what he thinks the most important qualities of his players are. Similarly, interviewers should ask how he would improve both the attitude and teamwork of the players. Finally, they should ask what he would want his own children to get out of the experience of being on the team.

The interviewer should finish by asking the coach how often he has spent in practice not working on the things the previous questions asked him about. This helps to assess honesty and self-evaluation for the potential coach.