What Are Some Good Practice Plan Templates?

What Are Some Good Practice Plan Templates?

Practice plan templates vary according to sports, though baseball, hockey, basketball and soccer feature good versions. TeamOnThree.com offers a customizable template for making a practice plan for any sport.

BaseballPositive.com offers a template for the first 19 baseball practices in a season. The organization has each practice building on what players learned in the previous session. Likewise, the site includes templates for customizing three 90-minute and three 2-hour mid-season practices.

USA Hockey, which produces players for world competitions such at the Olympics, features several practice plans for different age groups. The plans include a basic practice structure template, as well as drills appropriate for each position. Each plan consists of diagrams, timing and needed equipment.

HoopsU.com features a basketball practice plan template including a blank form and an example of a completed plan. The template guides coaches through planning different practice sessions. The site includes a link to a page explaining how to plan a good basketball practice.

The Virginia Youth Soccer Association offers similar resources. The website offers a soccer practice plan template document, as well as a presentation explaining how to build an effective soccer practice.

TeamOnThree.com features a customizable template good for most team sports. The template includes spaces for drills, duration of the drill and a comments section. The plan also features stretching and warm-up sections.