What Is a Good Packing Checklist for a Camping Trip?


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A good packing checklist for a camping trip has shelter, bedding, clothing, cooking supplies and food, although the exact items vary based on the type of camping trip, the activities planned, the weather and the trip's duration. Packing checklists for camping are available on LoveTheOutdoors.com, RealSimple.com and REI.com, as of 2015. ScoutLists.com offers multiple checklists for different types of camping trips.

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To find a packing checklist for a specific type of camping trip on ScoutLists.com, visit the site's homepage and click on Activity, Season or Climate. Regardless of which you choose, the site requires you to make selections for each of these options. Once you do so, it offers multiple packing lists. Click on a list to view the items on it.

A tent is a common camping shelter. Other shelter items to bring include any accessories necessary to set up the tent. When camping in a cabin or in a recreational vehicle, a tent isn't necessary.

Bedding includes, at a minimum, an item to keep the camper warm, such as a sleeping bag or blanket. The amount of bedding varies depending on the night time temperature in the area. Other possible bedding items include pillows and an air mattress.

Clothing includes changes of clothes for each day of the camping trip. The camper should also pack extra clothing in case it's necessary, and select clothing appropriate for the weather conditions.

Cooking supplies vary based on the food the camper brings. If the camper wants to cook food, he needs pots or pans. For canned food, he must bring a can opener.

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