What Are Some Good Outdoor Games for Children?


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Good outdoor games for children include hide and seek, hopscotch and capture the flag. Tag is a good game for children to play outside, and it has many variations. In warm weather, games that include water are good for getting exercise and staying cool.

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To play hide and seek, one child closes his eyes and counts to a predetermined number while the other children find places to hide. Once the seeking child has finished counting, he opens his eyes and tries to find the children who are hiding. In one variation of the game, any children the seeker finds help him find the other children that are still hiding. In another variation, a home base is predetermined, and the hiding children try to make it back to the home base before the seeker catches them.

To play capture the flag, children divide into two equally numbered teams. Each team gets a set amount of time to hide its flag before the game begins. Once the teams have finished hiding the flags, the teams attempt to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their own territory. Children can capture members of the opposite team if they are in their territory and take them to “jail,” which is a designated space in each team's area of the playing field. Team members can venture into enemy territory to rescue their teammates by tagging them.

To play tag, children choose one child in the group as “it” to start the game. This child chases the other children and tries to touch them. Once the child who is "it" succeeds in tagging another player, the tagged child becomes “it,” and the game continues indefinitely.

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