What Are Some Good MMA Moves?

The Superman Punch and the Flying Knee are both popular and appealing to fans, but submissions, such as the Guillotine Choke and the Rear Naked Choke, are a crucial tool in any fighter's arsenal. The Twister is another popular move, painful for the victim but aesthetically pleasing for the fans. It is relatively new to the mixed martial arts stage, first appearing in 2006.

The history of MMA is sporadic, dating back either to the Greek Pankration in 648 B.C.E. or to England in the late 1800s. By the late 1900s, Asian and Western styles had influenced each other, and matches became popular with fans. In 1993, UFC held its first competition, giving birth to modern mixed martial arts. The founders believed that MMA should be held with few rules to make it as lifelike as possible, but Senator John McCain labeled it "human cockfighting," successfully banning it on pay per view networks. Since then, MMA has instituted various rules to help make the sport appealing to American audiences again.

MMA styles are characterized by the sheer variety of influences. Matches include mixes of stand-up fighting, take downs and groundwork. Depending on the organization, matches have slightly different rules, but every fight must either end in submission, knockout, referee stoppage or by a judge's decision.