What Are Some Good Lures for Striped Bass?


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Pencil poppers, Pikies and Andrus Jetty Casters are some good lures for striped bass. The design of most striped bass lures makes each most effective at certain times of the year and in specific water conditions, such as calm inland waterways or rough surf. Some of the lures are styles that many different companies manufacture, while others are exclusive to a specific manufacturer.

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Many different companies, including Guides Secret Poppa Pencil and Gibbs Pencil Popper, make pencil poppers. The plugs are typically around 8 inches long with a design like a long thin fish with a small cupped mouth and a rounded, tapered rear end. The lures don't have enough surface mouth to create a pop, but the fisherman rhythmically jerks the bait back and forth on the surface to imitate a bait fish trying to escape a predator.

Inspiration for Pikie lures comes from the original Pikie manufactured by the Creek Chub Lure Company in the 1920s and the Striper Pikie from the 1950s. The Pikie is a large, floating surface lure with an extended metal lip designed to make a large splash as the user jerks the bait through the water. As of 2015, Creek Chub no longer manufactures the Pikie, but other bait builders do.

The Andrus Jetty Caster is a heavy bucktail jig typically very effective in the fall around rock bluffs and cliffs. Attaching an Uncle Josh 70-S porkrind strip as a trailer significantly increases the jig's effectiveness to create one of the most successful striper lures available.

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