What Are Some Good Lure Choices for Bass Fishing?


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The Lucky Craft Blade Cross, Jackall Boil Trigger and Rapala Ultra Light Crank are good lures for bass fishing, according to Field and Stream. Other effective lures include the Lunkerhunt Bento Bait, Chain Gang Crazy Leg Jig and Evolve DarkStar Swimmer.

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The Lucky Craft Blade Cross features a 3 3/5-inch silver body with red and green accents. It has a front-dangling spinner and two three-prong hooks. This lure is particularly effective in grassy areas and around hard objects such as rocks and driftwood.

The Jackall Boil Trigger is 4 inches long and has two hooks. It features a jointed middle and splashes when jerked along the surface of the water.

The Rapala Ultra Light Crank is a 1 1/2-inch red and yellow lure. It sinks to depths of 8 feet and wiggles vigorously when reeled in. The compact size of this lure makes it popular for luring bass out of small holes inaccessible to larger lures.

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