What Are Some Good Locations for Hunting Feral Hogs?


Texas, Florida, Louisiana and California are excellent locations for hunting feral hogs. Feral hogs have spread to over half of the United States. Some states have few or no hunting restrictions on hunting feral hogs on private property and hunter-friendly rules for public lands.

Texas offers some of the best wild hog hunting opportunities. Feral hogs inhabit almost every part of the state with population estimates in the millions. Texas considers them an exotic species so there is no daily or bag limit and no closed season on private property. The state also has a large number of outfitters and guides that offer single and multi-day hunts.

Florida has feral hogs in every county.and hunting on private property is basically unregulated. Hunting on government land may require a permit in some locations, so hunters need to check with the Florida Wildlife Commission for specific details.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries classifies feral hogs as an "outlaw quadruped," the same as coyotes and armadillos. Hunters can hunt large populations of wild hogs in every parish year round. Hunters may hunt at night on private property with the owner’s consent.

California also has a very large population of feral hogs, but it also has a lot of regulations for wild hog hunters. Hunters must have a license, a pig permit and permission to hunt them from the property owner.