What Are Some Good Gun Cleaning Kits?


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Some excellent gun cleaning kits include the Outers 25-piece universal wood gun cleaning tool chest, Allen Company’s gun cleaning kit and the Remington universal cleaning kit. These toolkits support multiple calibers of guns and have an assortment of brushes and other additional cleaning tools compatible with most gun types.

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The Outers kit includes an attractive wooden finish gun care kit that features a full cleaning kit along with a gun vise that helps with cleaning and maintenance. The gun vise stows inside the wooden case when not in use. The kit also includes a single drawer with a custom parts organizer, three solid brush rods, seven bronze brushes and a host of other cleaning additions.

Allen Company’s gun cleaning kit comes in a 60-piece kit that contains brass rods, brushes, swabs, patches, a patch cutting diagram, accessory adapters, polishing clothes and many more cleaning tools for guns of all sizes. The kit's aluminum casing also comes in black or silver colors.

The Remington universal cleaning kit provides a complete toolkit for cleaning a rifle, shotgun or handgun. It comes with non-scratch plastic-coated cleaning cables, cleaning mops, a bore light and other additions that enable it to handle many different types of guns.

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