What Are Some Good Guides for Hunting and Trapping in Maryland?


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Some good guides for hunting and trapping in Maryland are the Guide to Hunting and Trapping and Maryland Natural Areas by the Department of Natural Resources on Maryland's government website. Some sites, such as the Quality of Deer Management Association Maryland State Chapter, provide articles about hunting white-tailed deer.

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The official Maryland hunting and trapping guide contains sections detailing the hunting seasons calendar, all game species, general hunting regulations, licenses and stamps and shooter qualifications. There are also categories for deer and black bear hunts. The hunting seasons calendar lists all the available game that individuals can hunt and the applicable dates that vary depending on the type of weapon and region. For instance, the hunting season dates for antlered white-tailed deer with archery are different than hunting the same species with firearms.

The all game species category lists the type of animals available for hunting and trapping, such as black bears, bobcats and coyotes, as well as minks, muskrats and rabbits. Another section lists the game birds, including brants, Canada geese, grouse, sea ducks and turkeys. Swans, Delmarva fox squirrels and snowshoe hares have no open season for hunting and trapping. Part of the guide lists detailed hunting regulations and laws about permits and licenses for hunting.

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