What Are Some Good Fishing Spots at the Santee Cooper Lakes?

Good fishing spots in the Santee Cooper lake system vary by season and by the type of fish. Popular spots include the Rimini and C.Alex Harvin landing piers and the Taw Creek bank and pier.

Fishing reports from the Times and Democrat newspaper, Game and Fish magazine and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources tend to identify areas of the lakes and canals where certain fish are found at certain depths and times of day. For example, at Lake Marion, shallow water fishing for crappie is productive especially near the upper reaches of the lake. Bass are usually deep-water fish, but in the summer, you can often find them in the canal that connects Lakes Marion and Moultrie and in the winter near the dams of both lakes and the dikes on Moultrie.

Santee Cooper County sells fishing maps for Lakes Marion and Moultrie as well as for fishing hot spots.