What Are Some Good Examples of Super Bowl Block Pool Templates?


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PrintYourBrackets.com has the most common Super Bowl block template, an 11-by-11 blank grid with a gray left column and top row. This site also features a six-by-six grid in which the cells in the left column and top row are split.

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A Super Bowl block, also known as a Super Bowl square, is a popular betting game based on guessing the Super Bowl's final score. At first, players claim squares arbitrarily while the block is blank. Then, the person in charge of the block pool draws the numbers zero through nine at random and places them in the order they were drawn into the top row. The same drawing process occurs for the left column.

The winner of a Super Bowl block pool is the player who chooses the box that is the intersection of the two winning numbers. For example, if the top row's team scored 17 points and the left column's team scored 14 points, the winner of the pool is the player who claimed the box where Column 7 and Row 4 intersect. If the pool uses the 11-by-11 grid, each player can only claim one combination. However, if the six-by-six grid is used, each player claims four combinations, increasing the odds of winning the pool.

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