What Are Some Good Examples of Sportsmanship?

Good examples of sportsmanship include playing fair, playing by the rules, respecting officials and acting respectfully toward teammates as well as players on the opposing team. Other examples of sportsmanship are both winning and losing with grace and dignity.

Sportsmanship is not only limited to those actively participating in the sport as spectators can also behave in a sportsmanlike or unsportsmanlike manner. Examples of good sportsmanship for spectators or fans include being considerate of others sitting nearby by using polite language and keeping commentary to a low volume, and by being respectful of the calls of the officials. Other examples include rooting for the home team rather than against the opposing team, by refraining from boos, jeers and cat calls, and refraining from applause when the opposing team loses a point or when an opposing player suffers an injury. Another example of sportsmanship is supporting the team when they lose as well as when they win.

Sportsmanship makes both participating in and being a fan of a sport a more pleasant experience for all involved, but it is also a sign of good character, and practicing sportsmanship can benefit both players and fans in and out of the sports arena.